Bellingham Washington Area

A list article featuring 7 of our favorite places within Bellingham, Washington.

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7 Things We Loved in the Bellingham Washington Area

  1. The Beach – Having lived by the beach my whole life, trust me when I say that I know beaches. Birch bay is beautiful. The quaint beach town sits upon a sandy shore with warm shallow water that goes way out into the bay. We visited in the end of August and the water was so inviting. Not only that, but it was dog friendly! We were able to take both the dogs out to experience the water. Cobain grew up by the beach and he was as happy as can be. Pancake, on the other hand, spent most of her time biting at waves and trying to eat seaweed. Haha silly dog…
  2. The Bay at Sunset – As you can imagine, the scenery of the bay reflects the some of the most awe-inspiring sunsets. Find a place to sit –whether it’s a bar patio, your beach towel, or a comfy chair– and enjoy the view!
  3. The C Shop – This delectable dessert shop is hard to miss with its signature yellow store front with a giant letter “C” on the front. While the shop serves pizza and sandwiches, the main attraction is their selection of fudge, ice cream, and homemade candies. They even have a viewing window so you can watch how each dessert is made. Talk about mouth-watering!
  4. Birch Bay Waterslides – Now this place is the perfect summer activity. This water park has over 11 pools and slides. Everything from their main water slides and river ride to the kiddie pool and hot tub.  Entry prices are fairly reasonable at $22 for an adult and $13 for a child. They serve food at the park but you are permitted to bring your own if you are looking to save a little cash!
  5. Bloedel Donovan Park – This park borders a lake and has activities for the whole family. You can swim in the lake, enjoy the playground, play a round of volleyball, or take the boat out for an afternoon of fun. This park comes with restrooms and grills, making your next family outing easy to plan!
  6. CJ’s Beach House – Remember when we talked about those sunsets? Well CJ’s provides the perfect viewing deck outside of their restaurant. Sip on a cold beer and enjoy a relaxing end of your day! This spot serves American fare and seafood but their fish and chips is a crowd favorite.
  7. Whatcom Falls Park – Do not be fooled by the location of this park in the middle of town. Once you walk 5 minutes in, you can’t even tell you were in the city to begin with. The asphalt parking lot gives way to beautiful nature trails complete with a natural waterfall, derby pond, and wild blackberry bushes that line the trails. We may have eaten one (or a few)! We even ran across a deer munching on leaves in the trees nearby. This is a must see attraction if you are visiting the Bellingham area.
  8. Canada! – I can’t leave Canada off of this list, considering the border is only a few miles north. Stop across the border for food, drinks, or any of the attractions in Vancouver (only 1 hour over the border). Indulge in all the poutine your heart desires!

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